Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Mid Sussex South

Volunteer with Outset Youth Action - Mid Sussex (South)

Northern Team Youth Volunteer Advisor – Caroline Halpin
Telephone: 07779 223421
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midsussexsouthteam.jpgEach year hundreds of young people volunteer for many reasons wether its to gain new experiences, meet new friends, improve your communication and inter-personal skills, enhance your CV and help you when filling in the dreaded UCAS form for University. Maybe you just want to give something back to your communities and join the 'Big Society' Very importantly it can give you valuable experience for the future. For those looking to a career in medicine, nursing and the caring professions, psychology and sociology students or teaching, volunteering will give you invaluable insight and the relevant experience which will help you secure that University place.

Whatever your reasons for getting involved there will be something for you.

Across mid-sussex there are a huge variety of opportunities which include:
  • Hospitals
  • Day Care Centres for the elderley
  • Residential/Nursing homes
  • Hospices
  • Special Needs Sports Clubs for adults & children
  • Buddying - Social outings for S/N children & teenagers
  • Schools for S/N children
  • Libraries - Summer Reading Challenge
  • Charity Shops
  • Youth Councils & Youth Advisory Centres
  • Youth Clubs
  • Jnr. Schools
  • Playgroups & Nurseries
  • Environmental/Conservation Projects
  • Sports Clubs - Coaching
  • Children/Family Centres Outreach Bus – Rural ‘Stay & Play’ sessions in village halls

When and for how long you give your time depends on you and for those that dont have the time for a weekly commitment you could become an Outset 'task force volunteer' and help at 'one off' events or use some of your holiday time to get involvolved.

At the end of your commitment to volunteering you will receive an Outset certificate detailing your hours and what you have been doing.

By registering with Outset you will be investing in your future at the same time as helping others. A fair trade off!

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